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ARTH 247 October 20, 2009 The Post-Seljuk Period in Iraq, Syria and Anatolia People, Places and Terms Nizam al-Mulk (1020-92): The vizier of the Seljuk sultans who organized the structure of their state, he promoted Sunni learning, and sponsored the building of madrasas in Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq. Madrasa: A specialized institution of learning that was adopted by the Seljuks to promote Sunni teaching. A madrasa usually contains a mosque, classrooms, and lodgings for both students and teachers. The first madrasas most probably appeared in Khurasan in the 9 th -10 th century and had spread all over the Islamic world by the end of the 11 th century. The Crusades : A series of campaigns launched in 1099 by Christian Europe against the Islamic East to liberate the Holy Land. In 1187, Salah al-Din (Saladin) , the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty, took Jerusalem back. In 1292, Acre, the last stronghold of the Crusaders in Palestine, fell to the Mamluks. The Counter-Crusade
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