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ARTH 247-Handout 13 - sabil(drinking fountain on the ground...

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ARTH247 –October 30, 2009 The Architecture the Mamluks (1250-1517) Terms Waqf : Endowment deed. In the medieval period, amirs and dignitaries endowed charitable structures both for pious and social reasons and as a means to preserve some of the wealth generated by their iqta‘(revenues from land holdings granted by the state only while they are actively in the service.) Sabil-Kuttab : A charitable structure composed of a
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Unformatted text preview: sabil (drinking fountain) on the ground floor, and a kuttab (Qur’anic school for boys) on top, which was usually a room open on all sides. Buildings/Objects [key objects/buildings in bold ] All the buildings below are in Cairo and are Mamluk The Funerary Complex of Sultan Qalawun in Cairo: (1284-85) The Complex of Sultan Hasan : (1356-61) The Sabil-Kuttab of Sultan Qaytbay (1479)...
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