Modern Mosque Architecture

Modern Mosque Architecture - The Mosque of Gurna Egypt(1945...

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Modern Mosque Architecture Terms and People Orientalists and Orientalism Jean Leon Gerome (1824-1904) Owen Jones (1809-1874) The Buildings (key buildings are bolded): The Nuruosmaniye Mosque, Istanbul: Completed by Osman III in 1755 The Mosque of al-Rifa‘i in Cairo: Begun in 1869 and designed in a neo-Mamluk style, the mosque was left unfinished until 1906 when Max Herz Bey. Dolmabahçe Palace, 19 th -early 20 th century, Istanbul, Turkey Alupka Palace (1828-46) designed by Edward Blore in Ukraine Scottish Rite Temple in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1921 Gran Teatro, in Cadiz, Spain, 1929 Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia, 1929
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Unformatted text preview: The Mosque of Gurna, Egypt: (1945) designed as an integral part of a whole village, New Gurna, by ian architect Hasan Fathy Sherefudin's White Mosque, Visoko, Bosnia: (1980) The Corniche Mosque, Jedda, Saudi Arabia: (1986) one of a series of small mosques commissioned by the Saudi government and designed by the Egyptian architect ‘Abd al-Wahid al-Wakil. National Assembly Mosque, Ankara, Turkey: (1987-89) Various other contemporary mosques in Rome, Grenada, Paris, North Carolina, New York, Toronto, Lebanon, Scotland and Australia Wearable Mosque by Azra Aksamija, 2005...
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