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Ottomans - The Green Mosque in Bursa 1419-1421 Edirne...

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ARTH 247 11/24/09 The Early Ottomans Ottomans : A Turkish dynasty named after Ghazi Osman, who established a small principality in the northwestern corner of Anatolia in the 13th century. The Ottomans fulfilled an Islamic dream in conquering Constantinople (Istanbul) and formed the largest empire of its time. The empire lasted until 1924. Ghazi: Warrior or conqueror. Devishirme Janissary Bursa : The first Ottoman capital and the traditional burial site for early Ottomans.
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Unformatted text preview: The Green Mosque in Bursa, 1419-1421 Edirne : Another capital of the Ottomans. Üç Serefeli (“Three Balcony”) Mosque in Edirne (1437-47 ) Murad II (d. 1451): Sultan who consolidated rule in Anatolia and the Balkans Tugra Mehmed II : (r. 1444-81): the conqueror of Constantinople. Church of Hagia Sofia (532-37) in Constantinople...
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