IME 320-W10 - Environmental Factors

IME 320-W10 - Environmental Factors - Industrial and...

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Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department California State Polytechnic University – San Luis Obispo IME 320 – Human Factors and Technology 1. Environment Factors 1. Illumination The fundamental quantity of light is luminous flux (lumen). A 100-Watt incandescent lamp emits light at a rate of 1740 lumens (lm). The unit of luminous intensity is candela (cd). A 1-cd source emits 12.57 lumens. The luminous intensity is measured in terms of luminous flux per unit area, as for example lumens per square foot. One (1) lumen per square foot is called a footcandle (fc). Lamps – many different kinds o Incandescent o Halogen o Gas-discharge o High intensity discharge o Etc. Each lamp type emits a slightly different color of light Energy conservation o Lamp efficacy is the amount of light emitted per unit of power required (lumens/watt). o High efficiency lamps are ones that produce more than 40 lumens per watt. Effects of lighting on performance o Lighting itself cannot produce work output. What lighting can do is to make details easier to see and colors easier to discriminate
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IME 320-W10 - Environmental Factors - Industrial and...

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