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Midterm 3 - Key - Name Section and Computer Number...

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Name____________________________________ Section and Computer Number__________________________ Instructor: Meadows Winter 09 CHEMISTRY 124 Exam IIIa Instructions: CLOSED BOOK EXAM ! No books, notes, or additional scrap paper are permitted. All information required is contained on the exam. Place all work in the space provided. If you require additional space, use the back of the exam. (1) Read each question carefully. (2) The last page contains a periodic table and some useful information. You may remove this for easy access. (3) Graded exams will be returned in lab sections next week. (4) Use CORRECT SIGNIFICANT FIGURES. (5) Show all work for partial credit. Answers without supporting calculations will be considered incorrect. Good Luck! Possible Points Points Multiple Choice (39 points) 13 (20 points) 14 (9 points) 15 (10 points) 16 (11 points) Total: 89
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Part I: Multiple Choice (3 pts. Each) Identify and circle the correct answers on your exam-no partial credit. Choose the answer that most closely matches your calculations. 36 Points 1. Indium phosphide (InP) emits a blue color. What could be added to this semiconducting material to red shift the emission? A. Replace some phosphide with nitride B. Replace some indium with gallium C. Replace some phosphide with arsenide D. Replace some indium with boron E. Just add francium 2. Which of the following cubic unit cells contains three atoms per cell?
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Midterm 3 - Key - Name Section and Computer Number...

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