Stoichiometry Worksheet

Stoichiometry Worksheet - Chem 124 Dr. Neff Stoichiometry...

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Chem 124 Dr. Neff Stoichiometry (adapted from Dr. Maxwell’s Handout) The topic of stoichiometry deals with relating quantities of reactants and products. The word stoichiometry comes from the Greek word stoicheion meaning “element” and metron meaning “measure,” and that basically tells us what we’re going to be doing in this chapter -- dealing with measurements of elements, more specifically, dealing with quantities of reactants and products in chemical reactions. Stoichiometry is basically chemical arithmetic. This topic is one of the pinnacles of general chemistry, and also one of the topics we expect you to have learned in high school chemistry. You will be tested on this topic throughout the term! Mastery of this topic requires mastery of topics like naming, writing formulas, writing and balancing equations, and using molar mass, density, mass and volume in dimensional analysis calculations. This topic will also carry through or continue to be important throughout this term and all the terms of chemistry you take. This topic is not hard, but requires patience and lots of practice . The Cal Poly philosophy of “learn by doing” really applies here, so again, I must emphasize the importance of doing lots and lots of problems. I’ll try to make this topic more interesting by using examples that apply to the real-world, because stoichiometric relationships are involved in everything. Below are some guidelines to supplement your text reading and lecture notes, and some examples for you to practice on. Keep these sheets handy while working on problems. The Basics: 1. You first need to be able to recognize a stoichiometric problem. The problems can be very basic stoichiometric problems, which relate mass amounts to mole or molecule amounts. For example:
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Stoichiometry Worksheet - Chem 124 Dr. Neff Stoichiometry...

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