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Informative Speech - Grade Sheet

Informative Speech - Grade Sheet -...

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Informative Speech (100 points) Name______________________________________ Introduction (15) ____Attempts to gain audience’s attention and interest Introduces topic clearly ____Builds significance Relates to audience ____Establishes ethos ____Preview body of the speech Body (30) Main points clear ____Uses transitions and signposts ____Points are fully supported (i.e. facts, personal experience) ____Sources for information are cited in speech ____Organization of speech is logical and well planned Uses at least four sources ____ Strength of resources Content Conclusion (10) ____Clear transition to conclusion ____Review’s the main points ____Provides memorable, creative, vivid conclusion
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Unformatted text preview: Delivery (30) ____Extemporaneous ____Uses intense, animated language (i.e., visual imagery) ____Maintains rhythm ____Appropriate Posture ____Varies speech rate and pitch ___ Appropriate speaking volume/varies speaking volume ____Appropriate pauses ____Purposeful body movements ____Eye contact ____Verbally/non-verbally immediate Visual Aid (15) ____Communicates idea visually ____Not complicated ____Professional quality ____Appropriate size ____Displayed when appropriate Time ____ Minimum: 5 minutes / max: 7 minutes. (2 points deducted for every 15 seconds below minimum or over maximum) __________Total points...
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