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Oral Performance of Literature - Grade Sheet

Oral Performance of Literature - Grade Sheet - Reflects...

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Narrative / POL Name: _______________________ Introduction Attempts to gain audience attention Gives author and title of selection States theme (argument) Establishes any necessary background information regarding the character/setting. Body (literature) Literature fits the theme Selection is appropriate for the audience Literature clarifies the argument Demonstrates the touchstones of storytelling Delivery Facial expressions enhance the performance
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Unformatted text preview: Reflects appropriate emotion Vocally expressive Bodily expressive Well-rehearsed Manuscript is handled effectively Animates the literature (largely by voice) by delivery elements Conclusion Provides a memorable conclusion Appropriately closes the performance _____ Time: 4-5 min. (2 points deducted for every 15 seconds below min. or over max.). _____ Total Points (100)...
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