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Persuasive Speech - Grade Sheet

Persuasive Speech - Grade Sheet - Does not introduce new...

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Persuasive Speech (100 points) Name: _____________________________________________ Introduction (15) Attempted to gain audience’s attention and interest Introduced topic and relevant material Established significance Established ethos (sagacity, goodwill, virtue) Preview body of the speech (if appropriate) Clearly stated the claim (if appropriate) Overall effectiveness Body (30) Main points clear Developed argument Supported the claim with evidence Sources for information are cited in speech Used at least five sources Addresses potential rebuttals Uses transitions and signposts Employed external ornatus Overall effectiveness Conclusion (15) Clear transition to conclusion Reviews the main points of the argument Affirms how the evidence supports the claim Provides memorable, creative, vivid conclusion
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Unformatted text preview: Does not introduce new evidence Overall effectiveness Strength of Argument (10) Employed a formal method of reasoning Argument is valid Evidence is strong and recent Evidence consists of examples, statistics, and testimony Remained relevant to the issue (not off-topic) Avoids fallacious reasoning Overall effectiveness Delivery ( 30) Extemporaneous Stylistic language (tropes and figures) Maintains rhythm Appropriate posture Vocal variety Appropriate speaking volume Effective pauses Purposeful body movements Eye contact Verbally/non-verbally immediate Rhetorical use of emotion Overall effectiveness Time: 7 min / max 9 minutes. 2 points deducted for every 15 seconds below minimum or over maximum. Total points __________...
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