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HW 1 - Solutions - STATISTICS 321 Homework Assignment 1...

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Unformatted text preview: STATISTICS 321 Homework Assignment 1 SOLUTIONS 1. Sampling techniques and problems: a. Cluster sampling. Problems may arise if the elementary school that is selected is not representative of all the schools in the system. b. Attempt at a census. Problems may arise if there is a lot of nonresponse. That is, parents not returning the completed survey, or students losing the survey. These are elementary school kids, after all. c. Stratified random sample treating each school as a stratum. May work fine. It's a good idea to follow up with a phone call if they don't return the survey within a week. d. Convenience sampling only asking the people to whom they have easy access. Problems may arise since the views/opinions of the parents at the PTA meeting may not be representative of the views/opinions of all parents. e. Simple random sampling no problems evident. 2. Survey or an experiment a. Survey b. Experiment c. Survey d. Survey e. Experiment f. Experiment 3. Populations for each of the situations (a) (f): Answers may vary a lot. Some possible answers are as follows... a. All voters, presumably of the U.S. b. Smokers c. Human adults d. Sexually active people e. Office workers f. Everybody 4. Categorical, or numerical: a. Numerical, in counts b. Categorical c. Numerical, in ounces d. Numerical, in millimeters e. Categorical 5. From the text: Section 1.2: Section 1.3: Suggested exercises from the text: ...
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