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Exam 1 - Solutions - STATISTICS 321 Dr. Soma Roy Spring...

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Name : Spring 2009: Exam 1 (4 sides ) Maximum points: 50 1. (4 points) The following are a histogram and a boxplot for the average SAT scores of 2008 for all the states. There are 2 measures of center for the data represented by the graphs: 1555.0 and 1596.0. (a) (1 point) Which of the reported measures of center (1555.0 and 1596.0) is the mean and which is the median? The median is 1555.0 and the mean is 1596.0, from the boxplot. And, since data have a distribution that is skewed to the right. (b) (1 point) Name one feature of the shape of the distribution that is very clearly visible in the histogram but not at all in the boxplot. Bimodality (c) (2 points) The SAT score for Oklahoma is 1701. Using information from the boxplot , about what percent of the states performed worse than Oklahoma? Circle the most appropriate (i) 25% (ii) 50% (iii) 75% 100% 2. (3 points) Since it is difficult to weigh bears in the woods, researchers caught and measured 54 bears, recording their weight, neck size, and sex. Identify the following: (1 point) Population: All bears (1 point) Sample: The 54 bears that were captured and measured (1 point) Variables measured, and the type of variable (categorical or numerical) (include most likely units of measurement if the variable is numerical)
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Exam 1 - Solutions - STATISTICS 321 Dr. Soma Roy Spring...

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