BRAE 213-F09 - HW#2 - Biotechnology

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ENGR/BRAE 213-71: Bioengineering Fundamentals Fall 2009 Homework 2 Assigned Sep 30 th Due Oct 7 th ( 2 points ) Select a disease of interest that is amenable to biotherapies and describe the mechanism of the disease. ( 2 points ) Would gene or protein therapy would be most suited for treating the selected disease? Justify your response. ( 2 points ) Using your textbook as a guide, describe how you would produce the gene or protein in large quantities.
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Unformatted text preview: • ( 2 points ) Describe how you would determine if the gene or protein therapy was effective. For example, what measurements would you make? • ( 2 points ) Assignment guidelines o Typed, 1 page o Use brevity and clarity o Type the question or task above your response o Use your own words o Include your name, section number, and homework number in the upper left-hand corner...
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