BRAE 213-F09 - HW#5 - Biomaterials & Medical Devices

BRAE 213-F09 - HW#5 - Biomaterials & Medical...

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ENGR/BRAE 213-71: Bioengineering Fundamentals Spring 2009 Homework 5 Assigned Oct 21 st Due Oct 28 th 1. (1 points) Select a disease or injury of interest that is currently treated with a medical device composed of synthetic and/or biologic biomaterials. Describe the mechanism of the disease/injury. 2. (2 points) Describe the basic components and functions of the tissue/organ that the medical device needs to replace. 3. (3 points) Describe the type(s) of biomaterial(s) that are used in the medical device to treat the condition selected in question 1. What are the properties of the biomaterial(s)
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Unformatted text preview: that leads to their inclusion in the described medical device and/or allows these materials to carry out the functions described in question 2? 4. (2 points) Describe one recent technological advancement in the type of medical device that you have selected. 5. (2 points) Assignment guidelines o Typed, 1 page o Use brevity and clarity o Type the question or task above your response o Use your own words o 2 references o Include your name, section number, and homework number in the upper left-hand corner...
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