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BRAE 213-F09 - HW#7 - Biomedical Imaging

BRAE 213-F09 - HW#7 - Biomedical Imaging - 3(3 points...

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ENGR/BRAE 213-71: Bioengineering Fundamentals Fall 2009 Homework 7 Assigned Nov 4 th Due Nov 11 th Read the article “Detecting Awareness in the Vegetative State” (below*) Complete the following tasks: 1. (3 points) Summarize the article’s findings in your own words 2. (1 point) Consider the ethical dilemma generated by this research, in light of the fact the patients in vegetative states eventually have the “plug pulled” and are allowed to die. Do you think the results of this research should change medical care practices for vegetative patients, why or why not? Read the first page (up to Signal Quality and Variety) from “Neuronal ensemble control of prosthetic devices by a human with tetraplegia” and view Supplementary Videos 2 & 7 at http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v442/n7099/suppinfo/nature04970.html
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Unformatted text preview: 3. (3 points) Summarize the main findings of the paper in your own words 4. (2 points) Considering the advances in neuromotor prosthetics described in this paper and depicted in the videos, what approaches could be taken to restore the ability of the vegetative patient to interact with the outside world in a predictable fashion. • (1 point) Assignment guidelines a. Typed, 1 sheet b. Use brevity and clarity c. Type the question or task above your response d. Use your own words e. Include your name, section number, and homework number in the upper left-hand corner * note that the “Supporting online material.” is not part of the required reading and is only included for you reference and interest....
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