BRAE 213-F09 - HW#8 - Bioremediation

BRAE 213-F09 - HW#8 - Bioremediation - humans the method...

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ENGR/BRAE 213-71: Bioengineering Fundamentals Fall 2009 Homework 8 Assigned Nov 18 th Due Dec 2 nd Find and read an article that describes the use of bioremediation (i.e. water/soil decontamination using bacteria and/or fungi) to decontaminate an environmental pollutant (e.g. petroleum hydrocarbons, pesticides, heavy metals, radioactive material, etc): o (7 points) Summarize the remediation project in your own words, addressing: ± who caused the contamination ± when the contamination occurred ± how much contaminant was released ± what area the contaminant affected ± what the health effects of the contaminant are- for plants, animals, and
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Unformatted text preview: humans the method used to decontaminate the affected site the cost and timeline for decontamination o (2 points) What technologies discussed earlier this quarter could be used to enhance the effectiveness of the bioremediation process o (1 point) Assignment guidelines Typed, 1 page 1 reference Use brevity and clarity Type the question or task above each response Use your own words Include your name, section number, and homework number in the upper left-hand corner...
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