Hardware Replacement Project 1

Hardware Replacement Project 1 - When selecting a project...

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When selecting a project that will deliver the best value to customers from a business standpoint, one must first consider the primary source of business, the customer. Customers are the root of all business, without meeting the needs of and maintain a good customer relationship with patrons, making them feel special, as if they were the only customer, business, no matter how large or small will suffer great losses. All businesses rely on the customer base built from knowledge of knowing the customer; offering quality products and services that are of interest, the preference of contact, whether by phone, email, or conventional mail, the amount of money spent and the time period in which it is spent in, and the cost of services and products in which the purchase. If running a mom-and-pop business in a small community, the owner or manager may well know the clientele on a personal, face-to-face basis, but if the business is of the larger scale, there are too many various ways such as phone, fax, email, as well as face-to-face to integrate customer data from all sources and deal with the numerous amount of customers. Implementation of a CRM system will allow the capture and integration of customer data from
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Hardware Replacement Project 1 - When selecting a project...

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