Dorfman Pacific Rolls Out a New Wireless Warehouse Checkpoint

Dorfman Pacific Rolls Out a New Wireless Warehouse Checkpoint

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Relying on a paper-based system for picking and packing, the problems that faced Dorfman Pacific were the high cost of labor due to inefficient placement and storage of inventory, poor warehouse layout, and ineffective picking methods. While inventory was stored in bins labeled wrong, pickers were given one or order at a time, had to sort through boxes that contained the wrong product, return orders to packing location to be boxed, labeled and shipped, thus slowing down the work process and driving up labor cost. Revamping the EPR system to work with other systems, to update and replace the paper system by implementing and reconfiguring a new warehouse management system application with wireless access points throughout the warehouse that would filter data from one department to another. Adjusting
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Unformatted text preview: inventory so that racks held only one product, labeling racks with bar-coded information on products, and equipping forklifts with wireless hand held scanners and computers allowing pickers to receive data at various points of the warehouse and directing them where to go, what to pick and where to bring the product using the most efficient route. The use of this new warehouse management system and software for picking, packing and shipping along with a reformat of the warehouse floor layout with wireless access point will eliminate the need for temporary workers and save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars while allowing orders to be filled and delivered promptly....
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