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Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint

Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint - Axia College Material...

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Axia College Material Appendix F Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint Enter the correct answer for each item by typing A or B in the second column. Provide an explanation for each choice in the Rationale column. The boxes expand to accommodate the text. Item Correct Answer (A or B) Rationale 1. B In the first sentence "her" is biased. In the second "his or her" encompasses both. 2. A A is the correct answer; it states that I am good at math. B sentence s bias because it uses her. 3. B Sentence A is culturally biased. I see this because it portrays surprise that the coworker is nice despite the fact that they are Muslim, insinuating that their religion is a factor in their disposition. 4. A I think A is the correct answer because Cuban American is referring to the district attorney specifically. 5. A Again I think A is right because the child’s age defines why the 150lbs was a factor. 6. B A is ageist by implying that only a younger person would know more about technology.
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