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week5 identifying fallacies - The Church is drawing a line...

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2. Slippery Slope - There is no reason for me to believe that Fertility drugs results to in the death of unborn babies just because they can cause multiple births. 3. Subjectivism - States those who get a divorce are cast away's and look ed at like "they have leprosy". This may be true for the writer but doesn't have to be true to every divorcee. 5. Straw Man - exaggerates "every last square inch" of the park would have to be given up. This sounds like a misrepresented version of closing North Park Drive for fitness activities. 6. Ad hominem - The source is rebutting against a groups religious beliefs rather than the argument of figurines that are being used in front of the white house. 8. False Delima Dilemma - There are only two options given "raise additional revenue" to 1. meet demands of growth and 2. maintain existing levels of service. This leads me to believe something is being left out. 9. Line Drawing
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Unformatted text preview: - The Church is drawing a line against the use of condoms . The church is against the use of condoms, until they are proven to other wise that they actually do prevent AIDS. There is no reason to draw a line against condoms since they "help" prevent against AIDS. This doesn't make sense because the church should condone any help whatsoever against AIDS? 2. Ad hominem (inconsistency) 3. Straw man 5. Straw man 6. Ad hominem (inconsistency) 8. Begging the question (in the last sentence) 9. False dilemma (perfectionist fallacy) I have provided the answer key to this assignment. Do not panic if you did not come to the same conclusion. This is a general guideline only! I have provided the key for your viewing. Please review and reapply to your response to see how the text came to these conclusions. As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact me....
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