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Identify Fallacies Ceckpoint - 2 Ad Hominem Fallacy People...

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2. Ad Hominem Fallacy- People can change their minds, whether or not Andrea was for or against abortion in the past, or because she nor the other pro-lifers spoke out against the widespread use of fertility drugs is not the question, the writer tries to stray from the topic and shed light on their own opinion and to discredit and demean Keene by asking the question as to why she never spoke out against the use of fertility drugs and claims that her selective morality is showing through her abhorrence on abortion. People can think that one part of a topic is wrong while thinking another part is not. 3. Straw Man Fallacy- While is not true for every divorcee, the writer tries to substantiate their owns views as to being a widow is far better than a divorcee, the writer also exaggerates with statements such as rejects, seen as publicly dumped, and avoided like they have leprosy. I believe this is a false claim that all divorcees should be described as such. The writer sounds bitter and the position they take is not a real one.
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