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Final Examination – Format Advice The final examination will be 2 hours in length (no reading time). The paper will be marked out of 60. This assessment item contributes to 60% of the total assessment for this Unit. Section A 3 x written response questions in the style of “Write short notes about …..”. Examples: Write short notes about atherosclerosis. Write short notes about hypersensitivity reactions. N.B. None of these questions will be presented as a case study. You are to answer ALL three questions. Value – 10 marks each (Total 30 marks for Section A). Section B 40 multiple choice questions. Value 0.75 mark each (Total 30 marks for Section B). Answer ALL questions – there are no deductions for incorrect responses. These will be answered on separate Answer Key Sheets which are marked by machine - Make sure you take a B or 2B pencil, sharpener and eraser to the examination. Do NOT select more than one answer or you will automatically be marked as incorrect for that question.
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Unformatted text preview: The paper is 120 minutes in duration. Using the general “rule of thumb” that multiple choice response times are estimated at 1 minute per question, 80 minutes should be available for sharing between the three questions in Section A. This allows approximately 26 minutes for thinking & writing in response to each Section A question. I cannot make recommendations regarding how long each answer should be – it is marked on how well you answer the question, not how long the answer is. All concepts/content addressed in the entire Unit throughout the semester are potentially examinable – this includes ALL concepts/content from ALL lectures, ALL lab activities, and ALL relevant text readings. No further narrowing of possibilities will be provided . Terminology used in the examination paper will not be further defined or explained during the examination. Practice examination papers will not be provided....
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