assing - Proteins performing varieties of cellular...

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Proteins performing varieties of cellular activities are activated by different methods such as: (1) Covalent modification eg; phosphorylation (2) Cleavage of protein (zymogen to active forms) (3) Combining of inactive monomers into active oligomers etc., The type of activation of a protein depends on nature, structure, location, function etc., of the proteins involved. According to Krauss the majority of the cellular mass comprises of proteins the examples are diverse such as; 1. Enzymes 2. Adaptor proteins 3. Signal protein 4. Structural proteins 5. Transport proteins 6. Ion channel proteins 7. Transcriptional factors etc. The classification of proteins is not exhaustive. The limited pre genomic era knowledge of proteins was limited ranging from them having enzymatic, transport, structural function. Here protein activation and function was synonymous with increase/decrease in gene expression or in other words protein synthesis .This has changed in recent years whereby the genome of all the cells in a eukaryote is same but the proteome differs and is ever changing with regards to location, function, size, etc of a cell. This implies that for example some proteins having structural or transport
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assing - Proteins performing varieties of cellular...

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