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The male reproductive system consists of ducts, glands and the penis. The main function of these organs is the storage, survival and conveyance of sperm. The female reproductive system consists of the uterine tubes, uterus and the vagina. These organs function together to unite the sperm and egg and harbouring and developing the fetus. In sexual intercourse can be divided into four main stages for both males and females. These stages are: excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. Males and females have many similarities and differences in these stages. The excitement stage may be stimulated by visual, mental, touch, sounds ore even aromas. This causes males to get an erection and swelling of the testes by vasocongestion and myotonia. An increase in heart rate, blood pressure and pulmonary ventilation are also some characteristic signs of male excitement. In females, excitement is also the same as males except for the erection. In females, vasocongestion causes the labia to become reddened and enlarged. In addition to this the vagina walls becomes purple due to hyperaemia and vaginal transudate, which is a serous fluid that seeps through the wall into the canal. This produces moisture and provides lubrication. The breasts also enhance sexual arousal if stimulated and therefore during the excitement phase, the breast becomes swollen and the nipples erect. The plateau stage for males is fairly simple. A few sconds or minutes before orgasm, variables like heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure increase and kept at a high level. As well as this, there is an increase in vasocongestion and myotonia. The plateau
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good copy - The male reproductive system consists of ducts...

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