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Winter 2010 University of California at Davis Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science ECH 141 HW # 9 #1) A large tank is filled with  a fluid up  to height z=h, where z=0 is the  bottom  of the tank. A rounded  orifice is in the center bottom  of the tank  and  a jet of fluid comes vertically out of the tank. Determine  the cross- sectional area of the jet as a function  of the vertical distance -z. Use the  macroscopic momentum  balance. #2) For steady, laminar  flow in a horizontal pipe, prove that the Blasius 
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Unformatted text preview: friction factor is equal to 64 times the reciprocal of the Reynolds number. #3) Water is pumped at room temperature through a horizontal 1-in. smooth, square duct 100 ft long at a rate of 120 in. 3 /s. Calculate the pressure drop. #4) Show in detail that the stress equations of motion given by Eq 4.4-13 are identical to those given by Eq. 7.2-3...
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