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ECHHW10-2010 - tank before water flow in it will stop#3 A...

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Winter 2010 University of California at Davis Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science ECH 141 HW # 10 #1) (20 points) Whitaker 7-3 #2) A short siphon is used to take water out of a tank. The water flow rate is 0.03 m 3 /s, its temperature is 20 C and the siphon diameter is 75 mm. Compute the maximum height that the siphon tube can be raised above the water level of the
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Unformatted text preview: tank, before water flow in it will stop. #3) A tank has a well-rounded orifice with an area A j . At time zero, the water level in the tank is at height h o . Develop an expression for the water height h in the tank as a function of time. The tank cross-sectional area is A t . #4) Whitaker 8-15...
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