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ECH152B_HW6 - containing N species 3(25 points A binary...

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ECH152B Homework #6 Due: Friday February 25, 2010 1) (25 points) Steam reforming of methane can be used to make hydrogen gas (H2). CO and CO2 are observed as by-products. Using a 4:1 H2O to CH4 inlet ratio, a pressure of 1 bar, and a temperature of 1000K, a. How many independent reactions must be specified for this system, if one wishes to calculate the equilibrium concentrations of the steam reforming process? b. Specify this number of independent reactions for this system (i.e., state the reactions explicitly) 2) (25 points) An absolute upper bound on G E for stability of an equimolar binary mixture is G E = RT ln2. Develop this result. What is the corresponding bound for an equimolar mixture
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Unformatted text preview: containing N species? 3) (25 points) A binary mixture has the following relationship for its excess enthalpy: H E = 20 x A x B [kJ/mol] a. Calculate and graph the free energy of mixing, ∆G, as a function of x A at 800K, 1000K, and 1500K. b. For an equimolar mixture of these species, determine the number of phases and the composition of each phase at 800K, 1000K, and 1500K. 4) (25 points) A binary liquid system exhibits LLE at 25 o C. For x 1 α = 0.10 and x 1 β = 0.90, determine estimates for parameters A 12 and A 21 in the Margules equation at 25 o C....
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