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Song of Solomon Ch 8-11 - 1 What does Guitar as a member of...

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1. What does Guitar, as a member of the Seven Days, have to do? Why does this make him willing to help Milkman steal Pilate’s gold? He has to kill the same amount of white people as the amount of blacks, victims, who were murdered. That is because he has no money to purchase explosives for his Seven Days’ mission, so he soon agrees to steal Pilate’s green trap of gold with Milkman together. 2. What does Guitar tell Milkman when he asks Guitar why a peacock can’t fly any better than a chicken? “ Too much tail. All the jewelry weighs it down. Like vanity. Can’t nobody fly with all that shit. Wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down,” he said. (179) The two men’s pursuit of the white peacock symbolizes their greed. The peacock itself symbolizes the corrupting allure of wealth, just as when Macon II saw the gold in the cave as a spread peacock’s tail and became obsessed with accumulating wealth . 3. What does Milkman plan to do with his share of the money he will get from Pilate’ gold? He wants to buy boats, cars, airplanes, and the command of a large crew. 4. What is surprising to Milkman when he steals the green sack from Pilate’s house? The surprise is that the green sack is much lighter than they had anticipated.
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5. What job does Milkman’s sister Corinthians have? Why was she never able to marry a doctor, as her mother had intended? She is secretly working as a maid for Michael-Mary Graham, the state poet laureate. Because a woman who spoke French and who had traveled on the Queen Mary might not have the proper attitude toward future patients or clients, and if the man was a teacher, he steered clear of a woman who had a better education than he did. No man of her social class is interested in marrying her because she is too “accustomed to middle-class life.”
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