Song of Solomon Ch 12-15 - 1. What does Susan Byrd tell...

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1. What does Susan Byrd tell Milkman about his grandfather when he first visits her? She tells Milkman that her father, Crowell, has a sister named Sing, but she claims that this Sing never married and left Virginia in a wagon headed for Massachusetts, not Pennsylvania. 2. Susan tells him that his grandmother must have been too dark to “pass.” What does she mean by “pass?” The word, Pass, features a dark-skinned child who cannot possibly pass for white. 3. Back in town, Milkman sees Guitar and Guitar tells Milkman why he was tried to kill him. Why is Guitar trying to kill Milkman? Guitar accuses Milkman of stealing the gold from the cave and shipping it to Virginia, so it broke his Seven Days mission. 4. What kind of relationship does Milkman have with the woman named Sweet? How does this relationship compare with his relationship with Hagar? His relationship with Sweet is mutually respectful and entirely reciprocal. His interactions with her demonstrate that the most gratifying relationships in the novel are those in which both partners treat each other as equals . Hagar devotes herself to Milkman, even though he loses interest and frequently rejects her. Like her biblical namesake, Hagar is used and abandoned. The relationship shows the inevitable abandonment of women who love men too much.
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5. Milkman listens to the song the children sing and tries to figure out that it means. What does he decide the song means?
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Song of Solomon Ch 12-15 - 1. What does Susan Byrd tell...

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