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Chapter11_ Shame of the Nation - Center School is described...

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Chapter 11, “Deadly Lies” 1. From what areas of study are future leaders in education policy coming? Standards-based reform that offer courses in accountability reform. (267) 2. What attitudes in progressive reforms in education during the 1960s and 1970s also contribute to failures in education? Schools will face penalties if students do not meet expected goals. 3. What are “niche academies?” what kinds of such academies have been set up in Chicago and Philadelphia? Niche academies tend to attract the children of more privileged white families, while a totally different set of niche academies has been developed with career affiliations that are clearly targeted at poor children of color. Military schools. 4. Explain why the African American Academy, as an alternative to the
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Unformatted text preview: Center School, is described as “a local version of your own Liberia” (279) Because AAA is using a highly directive method of approach used in Success For All, it delivers a short term boost in scores; but disappears too quickly. Morefiled, a civil leader, reported that it breaks her heart to see black children being taught this way. 5. What has happened to enrollment of Black and Hispanic students at major universities over the last decade? What is responsible for these changes? The enrollment of minority students at a number of our public universities has dropped alarmingly. Tuition costs and a restricted applicant pool of blacks because of very low scores....
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