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CH6: A Hardening of Lines 1. producedures parents children new York city prestigious schools?advantage wealther better educated predominantly? step1: applications must be filed very early adv. for white parents: during the aplication time, less knowledge parents never hear about these school step2: applicants are asked "educational philosophy" and sign a contract to participate in certain forms of education support adv. for white parents: pre-test programs should purchased privately, wealther family have chance to buy and practice 2. Walton high school kozol plans after finish schools. several answered sarcastically. Two of the boys answered with crude obscenities. they do not know how to voice their feeling on a matter fraught with so much anger
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Unformatted text preview: without using words like these 3. Roosevelt long island differ racial composition per-pupil funding. The authors of the flyer made an unconvincing effort to insist that this was not a racial issue, but the language used to speak about the Roosevelt children-“the low-achieving, dysfunctional, criminal bunch from Roosevelt which the state wants to dump on us”- was not unlike the language that inflamed the fears of which communities throughout the South a generation earlier. 4.flyer handed east meadow near Roosevelt? People with a lot less money, for much lower prices. Our property values will drop dramatically....
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