Introduction-shame of nation - 4. HOW 1970S SCHOOLS CHANGE?...

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Introduction 1. WHY BECAME TEACHER After he knew three young volunteers were murdered. He started to realize that he should use education to change people’s view and life. 2. FIRST SCHOOL,HOW WERE CHILDREN DISCIPLINED THERE. -A gloomy-looking, overcrowded building that could not provide my students with a classroom of their own. -Children who behaved were taken to the basement of the school where whippings were administered by an old teacher who employed a rattan whip which he first dipped in vinegar in order to intensify the pain that it inflicted on a child’s outstretched hands. 3. MAIN GOAL OF THE LEADER IN THE COMMUNITY? The goal was to unlock the chains that held these children within caste-and-color sequestration and divorced them from the mainstream of American society.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. HOW 1970S SCHOOLS CHANGE? Physical conditions in these newly integrated schools were generally more cheerful, the state of mind among the teachers and the children more high-spirited, the atmosphere less desultory, more enlivening, than in the school in which writer started out in Boston. 5. 1980S SCHOOLS LIKE? By the end of 1980’s, the school study conditions are better than before. They have lab stations in the science rooms and the teachers are nicer. 6. RACIAL COMPOSITION PUBLIC SCHOOLS IN URBAN AREAS LIKE CHICAGO,WASHINGTON, AND DETROIT IN 2001. The academic year 2000-2001, the statistic told us that more and more black and Hispanic students were enrolled than before....
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Introduction-shame of nation - 4. HOW 1970S SCHOOLS CHANGE?...

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