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2006 midterm - MS&E201 Dynamic Systems Professor Edison Tse...

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MS&E201 Dynamic Systems page 1 of 4 Professor Edison Tse May 17, 2006 MS&E 201 DYNAMIC SYSTEMS Midterm 2005-2006 75 minutes, total 65 points. Open Book. Open Notes. Write your name on this page of the exam. You will be turning in the exam questions with your answers. However, we will consider only what is written in the blue books in grading your exam. Calculators and laptops are allowed. Calculations will be kept as simple as possible, and you will receive most of the credit for setting up calculations correctly. Partial credit will be given whenever possible, provided your solution is neat and clear. Please underline your final answers for each question in the blue exam books. If you are an SCPD student, please include your company name and address on the cover of the blue book. Honor Code: In-class students and SCPD students on-campus: please read and sign the honor code on all blue books you use or we will not grade the exam. SCPD students off-campus: please write down start and finish time of your midterm and write “ I acknowledge and accept the honor code when I was working for the midterm” and sign your name under it on the first page. Please do not open the examination until everyone is ready and you are asked to begin. At that time please check to see that your exam contains 4 pages (including cover sheet) with 3 questions.
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