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X_FURTHER READINGS - Further readings and data on growth An...

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Further readings, and data on growth An excellent companion of this book, illustrating the di¢ culties and chal- lenges of growth and development, is William Easterly, The Elusive quest for , MIT Press, 2001. The reader may also want to pursue the subject of growth in two broad di- opened and maintained by Jonathan Temple of Bristol University. The site is www.bris.ac.uk/Depts/Economics/Growth. Available at this address is also a list of the sites which carry the most detailed and accurate data on economic growth, for a very large number of countries. Those are: Penn World Table (Summers-Heston data set) Barro-Lee (1993) growth data set Barro-Lee (2000) education data set Political instability and growth data set Sachs and Warner data sets Social Indicators of Development Trends in Developing Economies World Bank Growth Research World Bank World Tables Most economic journals publish research on growth and development; Journal of Economic Growth , the Journal of Economic Development . A wealth of recent books and papers is also available on line through Jonathan Temple±s website. The reader who would like to refresh his calculus, especially on subjects directly relevant to economic dynamics, has many excellent texts at his dis- Chiang, A., Fundamental methods of mathematical economics , 3rd ed., McGraw- Hill, New York, 1985. Gandolfo, G., Economic Dynamics , 3rd ed., Springer, Berlin, New York, 1997. 1
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Hammond, P.J. and Sydsaeter, Mathematics for economic analysis , Prentice Hall, Englewood Cli/s, N.J. , 1995. Takayama, A., Mathematical Economics, Cambridge University Press, Cam- bridge, New York, 1994. If he wants to enter the subject of the calculus of variations and optimal control, the following references are particularly recommended: for the calculus of variations per se: Elsgolc, L., Calculus of Variations , International Series of Monographs in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Pergamon Press, Reading, Mass., 1962. Gelfand, I. and S. Fomin, Calculus of Variations , Englewood Cli/s, N.J., Prentice Hall, 1963. for optimal control and its applications to growth, a good introduction is: Chiang, A., Elements of dynamic optimization , McGraw-Hill, New York, 1992. In-depth and very clear presentations are in: Dantzig and A.F. Veinott, eds.,
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X_FURTHER READINGS - Further readings and data on growth An...

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