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MS&E 252 Handout #6 Decision Analysis I 10/4/2007 Page 1 of 2 HW#1 Solutions Homework #1 - Solutions Assigned Readings Responsible means we have the ability to choose our response to environmental stimuli. Proactive is the recognition that we are responsible for our own lives. We are where we are today because of decisions we made yesterday. Circle of concern contains the things we care about. Our Circle of influence are those things that we have some degree of control over. These two regions overlap and we have the set of things we care about and can control. This is where we should focus our energy. Concern Influence Focus here. Note: this diagram is different than Covey's but we think clearer. Also, purely for your benefit (you weren’t asked for these in the homework): All 7 Habits : 1 ) Be Proactive (circles of influence, concern), 2) Begin with the end in mind (decide on personal principles), 3) First things first (effective personal management based on principles), 4) Think win-win, 5) Seek first to understand, then to be understood, 6) Synergize (creative cooperation), and 7) Sharpen the saw (self renewal). Habits 1 through 3 are directly related to the way we approach decision problems.
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HW1_Soln - MS&E 252 Decision Analysis I Handout#6...

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