Midterm1 - MS&E 252 Decision Analysis I Midterm Nov 6th...

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MS&E 252 Midterm Decision Analysis I Nov 6 th , 2007 Page 1 of 19 Midterm Midterm Examination MS&E 252: Decision Analysis I Please read the following instructions carefully! 1. This exam is closed book and closed notes, except for a single sheet (1 side). You may use a calculator and a foreign language dictionary. Please sit in alternate seats. 2. The answer sheet is stapled to the back of the exam. Please tear it off, print your name, SU ID#, Section TA, and sign the Honor Code and exam agreement. Your exam will not be graded unless you have printed your name and signed this statement. 3. There are three blank pages at the end for you to use as scratch paper. All exam questions carry the same weight. Don’t spend too much time on any one question. 4. Read over each question carefully. You may not need all the information given. 5. At the end of the exam, please make sure your probability assignments are written clearly in the appropriate boxes on the answer sheet. If the teaching team cannot read your probability assignment we will use our best judgment as to what you meant to write down and this decision will be final. You will not be allowed to rewrite your assignment after the exam has been graded. You will be graded solely on the basis of your probability assignments. Turn in your answer sheet ONLY. 6. The exam will end at 12:15 pm. You will have five minutes to turn in your answer sheet. In fairness to all members of the class, we will not accept exams after 12:20 pm. 7. You will receive a photocopy of your answer sheet. You will have until 11:59 pm on Thursday November 8 th , 2007 to enter your responses on the web, through the same link which you use to submit your answers to homeworks. 8. In the spirit of the Honor Code, the Teaching Team will not remain in the classroom during the exam. If you have questions please ask. Clarifications will be announced to the class. 9. Unless stated otherwise, the characters in the exam prefer more money to less, and abide by the principles taught in this class. Do not make any additional assumptions. 10. If your probability assignments do not add up to one, the teaching team will normalize them. If you leave boxes blank and your assignments add up to less than one, we will distribute the remaining probability equally among the empty answer boxes. If your assignments add up to more than one and you have left boxes blank, we will normalize the non-blank boxes and place zeroes in the empty boxes. For example, the following assignments: Question Number a B C D i 0.3 0.5 0.3 0.3 j 0.7 k 0.9 0.2
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MS&E 252 Midterm Decision Analysis I Nov 6 th , 2007 Page 2 of 19 Midterm would become: Question Number a B c d i 0.214 0.357 0.214 0.214 j 0.1 0.1 0.7 0.1 k 0.82 0.18 0 0 If you leave a question blank it will be interpreted as an assignment of 0.25 across the board. 11. Your exam will be graded according to the following scoring function:
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Midterm1 - MS&E 252 Decision Analysis I Midterm Nov 6th...

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