Problem Session 4 - Framing and Structuring Decisions

Decision hierarchy drug discovery strategy table cns

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Unformatted text preview: very Drug Development Existing & New Marketing Distribution US & International Partners Copyright 2009 5-1Burke Robinson, LLC by 27 Creative yet doable strategies can be developed as paths through a CNS business strategy table. CNS Product/Market Decisions Strategy Themes Drug Discovery Stay with traditional screening techniques Use new, small molecule, biochemical screening Use all latest technologies: bioinformatics proteomics, & pharmacopharmacogenomics Partner with discovery research organization CNS Partner Decisions Distribution US International Drug Development Continue with traditional in-house indevelopment program Introduce Adaptive Trial Design dosing as you go Expand development capability and provide contract services to others Partner with contract development organization Existing Markets New Markets Delay entry into new markets Current Momentum Aggressively License to Partners Maintain current shares in traditional markets Cautiously enter new markets Sell products and premium services to all pharmacists Have no US partners Have no international partners Reposition Products and Markets Grow shares in traditional markets Aggressively pursue targeted new markets Sell only products to all retail pharmacists and all drug wholesalers Limit partners to major players Have partners only in Japan Have partners only in Europe Have broad portfolio of large and small partners in US Become Pharmaco Technology Leader Reduce lowlowmargin sales and target highhigh-margin markets Aggressively pursue all new markets including offofflabel sales Sell only products to large drug wholesalers Have partners in both Europe and Japan Copyright 2009 by Burke Robinson, LLC 28 14 The CNS product/market decision diagram identifies key decisions and drivers of value. Clinical Experts Development Strategy Marketing Strategy Strategic Planning Efficacy Promotional Strategy R&D Cost Perceived Toxicity Perceived Efficacy Competitors Strategies Market Research Peak Market Share Target Product Prices Finance Promotional Costs Toxicity Perceived Side Effects Market Share When Patent Expires Target Market Sizes Market Growth Rates NPV of Cash Flow Sales Revenue Side Effects Target Market Shares Key Result Decision Uncertainty Calculation Influence Time to Peak from Launch Launch Date Cost of Goods Sold Launch Strategy Copyright 2009 by Burke Robinson, LLC 29 15...
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