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Problem Session 4 - Framing and Structuring Decisions

Out of the box points are scored when you ever out of

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Unformatted text preview: f-thetake a nugget from another person's idea, mull it over, let it sing to you, and then transform that nugget into something entirely new. More is better, quantity trumps quality at least while ideas are flowing. Ideas multiply like rabbits when given the chance. Let the left brain soar. Go from mild to wild to outrageously ridiculous...then click auto-repeat. autoKeep the pace brisk the same way that a jazz aerobics class instructor does. Make sure someone is accurately recording each and every idea. Allow time after the initial energy dies down to organize, rethink, and boil down these ideas with a more reflective and analytical eye. That's the time to engage the right brain. They say that Ancient Persian leaders would tackle a difficult policy problem as a group by first getting drunk on good wine so that the ideas flowed. Then they would meet again several days later and stay sober long enough to critically evaluate the original list of ideas. Sounds like a great process! Copyright 2009 by Burke Robinson, LLC 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 19 A beehive honeycombs relevant issues. People or Process Value Uncertainty Decision People or Process Uncertainty Implementation Decision Value Implementation Uncertainty Decision Value People or Process Copyright 2009 by Burke Robinson, LLC 20 10 Issues brainstorming identifies SWOTs. Strengths Our Federal charter gives us an interest rate advantage We have extensive historical data and an experienced staff We develop leading-edge software leadingand technology We have a large market share Internal Weaknesses Our Federal charter restricts our direct access to customers and imposes onerous HUD obligations We are slow to update models We have residuals of bureaucracy We don't understand the strengths and strategies of our competitors Opportunities high credit-risk segments credit- External Threats We can structure attractive packages for Demand is high for state-of-the art credit state-ofscoring and evaluation technology Competitors are slow to develop brand identity and have mediocre technology Very aggressive competitors with innovative products and services Interest rates and housing starts are increasingly volatile Retaining more mortgages will increase our risk exposure and reduce guarantee fees 21 Copyright 2009 by Burke Robinson, LLC Challenges crystallize a vast sea of issues. If only we knew which mortgage If only we could receive the benefits of a federal charter and h...
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