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Problem Session 4 - Framing and Structuring Decisions

Relationships credit risk policy credit risk

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Unformatted text preview: al Mortgage Market Size Mortgage Volume to FM Retained Mortgage Portfolio Indirect Share to FM Interest Income Electronic Mortgage Technology Securitized & Guaranteed Mortgage Portfolio Securitization & Guarantee Expenses Marketing Loan Portfolio Mix Securitization Management Income Guarantee Income NPV Direct Share to FM Allowed to Go Direct Total Income Finance Key Interest Rates Net Interest Margin Result Decision Uncertainty Calculation Influence Regulatory Affairs Federal Charter Strategy Direct Channel Strategy R&D Technology Development Strategy Copyright 2009 by Burke Robinson, LLC 24 12 The CEO of a Fortune 100 corporation focuses on selecting the right portfolio of businesses. We'll have a diversified portfolio of businesses that we can both understand and manage. Board of Directors Corporation GIVEN Policy Financial Services Company We'll have at least "20-20 vision" in each business we've chosen to include. We'll exit any business that falls short of targets for two consecutive years. How to balance products and services? What mix of old economy and new? What mix of pure-play and integrated? How to balance financial risks? What information technology to use? How to measure performance? How to develop key people? Media Company Industrial Equipment Company FOCUS Strategy LATER Tactics Business Unit Business Unit Business Unit Product Product Market Market Copyright 2009 by Burke Robinson, LLC 25 CNS drug business decisions should focus on products, markets, and partners. Our CNS drug business will be profitable GIVEN Policy We will build on our marketing strengths We will partner to add value to the business How can we discover and develop better CNS drug products? What is the right focus for our existing markets and for the new markets we want to pursue? Who should be our US and international partners? Program and trial design details FOCUS Strategy LATER Tactics Manufacturing methods Distribution plan specifics Copyright 2009 by Burke Robinson, LLC 26 13 The focus of the decision hierarchy identifies decision categories for a strategy table. Decision Hierarchy Drug Discovery Strategy Table CNS Business Strategy Drug Development Existing / New Markets Distribution US / Internat'l Partners Drug Disco...
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