Chapter 16 Regulation of feeding Blanked out

Chapter 16 Regulation of feeding Blanked out - Regulation...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Regulation of Feeding Behavior Chapter 16 Skip pages ____-___ _ _ What causes obesity? h Traditional view: overeating and lack of exercise h Intake greater than expenditure leads to overweight h h ___________ factors play very important roles in weight regulation Jeffrey Friedman, Rockefeller University J How much of body size is determined by genes and how much by environment? h Danish adoption registry h Swedish twin registry h All true, but incompleteh While answers are beginning to emerge as to why so many of us are obese, there can be no meaningful discussion on this subject until we resist the impulse to assign blame Those who doubt the power of basic drives, however, might note that while one can hold one's breath, this conscious act is soon overcome by the compulsion to breathe. The feeling of hunger is intense and, if not as potent as the drive to breathe, is probably no less powerful than the drive to drink when one is thirsty. h Little correlation of BMI of adoptive parents and adoptees h Strong correlation of BMI of biological parents and adoptees
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Sheet1 Page 2 Identical twins (who share the same genes) had very similar BMI, whether reared apart or together h About _____% of body weight accounted for by genes h _____% of children to two obese parents become obese h _____% of children to two normal weight parents become obese _ The brain monitors the amount of ____ ___ and acts to keep it at a fixed set-point h Fat people who loose a lot of weight almost always gain it all back h a starvation state h Thin people who deliberately become fat almost always loose it within a few months h Metabolism increases by 50%, appetite decreases M h Each person has a comfortable weight range of ___-____ ponds
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Chapter 16 Regulation of feeding Blanked out - Regulation...

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