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WaterfallMaker - WaterfallMaker License GNU General Public...

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WaterfallMaker License: © Steve Tani and Strategic Decisions Group Open sourced for: * Additional permission under GNU GPL version 3 section 7 As a special exception to the terms and conditions of GPL version 3.0, Steve Tani and Strategy Decisions Group hereby grant you the rights to link the macros to functions calls that normally comes with the standard built-in libraries provided by your office application programs. Quick Summary of the License You are free to use this macro for any purpose (including commercial consulting). If you make modifications and decide to distribute modifications (to your clients or anyone else), you can only do so under the terms of the GPL - i.e. make the source code available to the general public with the same license (we ask that you maintain this License worksheet in your distribution). Want to learn more about the GNU GPL license? Contribute Everyone benefits when you share your work. If you've found a bug or have a feature request, you can post on the SDG Tools project forums. If you've made a modification, you can make it available to the
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