153.HW3.Sum07 - Introduction to Decision Making in...

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Introduction to Decision Making in Organizations (MS&E153) Summer 2007 Homework Assignment #3: Due Wednesday, July 25 th (before class) The maximum score on this homework assignment is 80, which means that there are 20 possible bonus points that can be used to make up for some points that you may have lost on other homework sets. Take this chance to gain some extra-points! Question 1 (40 pts.) Find a decision situation from a recent article (newspaper, magazine, or Internet) or from a movie (or a play) and briefly summarize it, then answer the following questions: a. Draw the decision hierarchy for the situation you have selected, including examples of policy, strategic, and tactical decisions. Why is it useful to draw a decision hierarchy? b. Create a strategy table from the decision hierarchy you drew in a . Be sure to identify several (3 to 7) options under each decision category. Formulate two or more paths through the table that represent feasible strategies. Comment on the strategy table as if you were presenting it to the decision makers. Why is a strategy table a useful tool?
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153.HW3.Sum07 - Introduction to Decision Making in...

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