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World Series Project 2007

World Series Project 2007 - MS&E211 Linear and Nonlinear...

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MS&E211 Autumn 2007 Linear and Nonlinear Optimization October 2, 2007 Prof. Yinyu Ye Auction Organizer: Mark Peters World Series Auction With the Major League Baseball playoffs on the verge of starting, we’re running an auction on the winner of the World Series for extra credit. We’ll allow you to bid on certain teams winning the World Series and, if your bid is accepted and one of your selected teams wins the World Series, you’ll receive extra credit points. We’d like everyone in the class to partic- ipate. This exercise will demonstrate how optimization techniques can be used to organize a complicated multi-state auction. How does the auction work? Student will submit bids for the auction. For each bid that you submit, you must specify three things: the teams that you are bidding on, the price limit and the quantity limit. The quantity limit represents how many bids you would like to submit for a particular set of teams and price limit. We’re allowing each student to submit up to 10 bids. You can have
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