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Characteristics 1 Characteristics of At-Risk Students Carianne Jones Axia College
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Characteristics 2 The area where I intend to teach has many children that have characteristics of students placed at-risk. I reside in Polk County Florida, population 580,594. Polk County is labeled the Heart of Florida. It is located in the center of Florida, bordering Osceola County where Walt Disney World is located. Many children in this area are transient. There family will come to Florida on vacation and then decide because it is so beautiful here that they want to live here. They will go home sell what they have and move here to the Sunshine State with dreams of a sunny beautiful life and dreams of working for Walt Disney World. Only to discover that when you live here it is a far cry from what that they experienced while they were on their family vacation. Once reality sets in they realize that the average pay at Disney is $7.50 an hour even if you play Mickey Mouse, now not even Mickey and Minnie can live on a pay check where you are making that little. So their dreams are shattered and they move back to where they started. This makes it hard on the children that live here full time year after year. My son has had 3 best friends in 3 years,
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Characteristics of At - Characteristics 1 Characteristics...

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