Nixon - Nixon's Politics 1 Nixon's Politics Carianne Jones...

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Nixon’s Politics 1 Nixon’s Politics Carianne Jones Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Nixon’s Politics 2 The student unrest at the end of the Vietnam War led to a lot of protests and demonstrations that took place on college campuses. During this time the Draft was put back in place which we hadn’t used since the early 1940’s. What this meant to college students was that at any time they could be sent off to war. That too many people they did not understand why the United States was even involved. So this did not settle very well with many people from this baby boom era. There were exceptions for the draft in this time period. If you were a college student you could get basically a get out of war free card. During this time period only the upper and middle class people were able to afford college. So this meant the working class Americans that could not afford to go to college were subject to being sent off to war. This left a great imbalances and injustice in the minds of many Americans. Many students that were financially sufficient enough to attend college and dodged the draft used their college campuses to show their feeling of unjust for those that were sent off to war using the draft. Once these college students
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Nixon - Nixon's Politics 1 Nixon's Politics Carianne Jones...

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