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Bureaucracy and You - Bureaucracy and You 1 Bureaucracy and...

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Bureaucracy and You 1 Bureaucracy and You Carianne Jones Axia College
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Bureaucracy and You 2 According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary (1818), the meaning of bureaucracy is a body of non elected officials. We deal with so much bureaucracy on a daily basis. From the time you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night you are dealing with all different types of bureaucracy. Some of the ways the federal bureaucracy affects our life are for one in all the fruits and vegatables we eat. The Department of Agriculture make it safe for us, by monitoring the amount of pesticides are used. My job there is labor laws that are put in place and enforced by employees at the department of Labor. Here in Florida we rely a lot on the National Weather service. They don’t call us the Lightning capitol of the world for nothing. We have severe weather a lot here without their help tracking, furcating, and monitoring stores a lot of lives would be lost every year. The mail is delivered by the postman who is employed by the federal government. Without having access to valuable the valuable mail service that the United States Postal Service provides for us our daily life and business matters would be a lot more difficult to complete. But most of all the federal bureaucracy affects the security and quality for everyday living. Homeland security is a division on the federal government that was put in place after 911 to help keep the United States and it citizens free from terrorist attacks. The regulated activity that surprises me the most in the National Weather Service, I thought this was all just a group of meteorologists. I was not aware that all the data that is delivered on a minute to minute basis was regulated and monitored by a federal agency. This surprises me the most because I was not aware the weather could be regulated by the government I thought Mother Nature was the one in control of that. But when you examine the big picture it all comes together.
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