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EE2173 Homework 3 Due 10 p.m. Wednesday 24 September in Box 60, 7 th floor, EERC 30 points Directions: 1. Print your name with your last name IN CAPITAL LETTERS in the upper right hand corner of each page. 2. Put Homework 3 and the due date in the upper right hand corner of page 1. 3. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ANYWHERE ELSE ON YOUR HOMEWORK. 4. Work the problems in order. 5. Staple or paper clip your solutions in the upper left hand corner (if more than one page). 6. Numbered problems are from Wakerly. 7. You may have points deducted for not following directions. 8. We will preview this homework Monday and Tuesday mornings. Problems: 1. Prove by truth table: a. A∙0 = 0 b. A + A’ = 1 c. A∙B + A∙B’ = A
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