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hw_p8 - 540 um ammuuimsvu 5111558 a1 POM C my = a(Momcnr M...

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Unformatted text preview: 540 um: ammuuimsvu 5111558 a1 POM C my = a (Momcnr M pmduces no Strasses m poms E and C) T T, = 20.380 MP2 .— l 7 1/2 : (2250 N)(w.667 x 10’ mm’) lb {2.8981 x imnun‘mo mm) =1.5785Mi>u ay=0 o, :0 7n = 20.380 MP; — 15786 MPx = 13.30 MP: Q +Q Pm shut. 3.x MPn <— "' lb 7 = 20.330 MP: + 1.5736 MP: = 21.96 MPu him shear. it = 22.0 min <— Pmlllum 3.5-17 A sign is supponad by a pole or hollow simulai cross secfion. us shown in the figure. The ouiei und innei dilmmas onhe pole an ion in. und 3.0 in., mpecn'vcly. The pole is 40 ft high nnd weighs 3.3 k. The sign nus dimensions is n x 3 it and Weighs 400 lb. None zhai iv: oemei of ginvny is 41 in. hom me uis of she pole. The wind pressure against ihe sign is 301me. (a) Deieimine me messes aeiing on a stress eiemeni ui poim A, which is on ma ouiei surface oi Ihe pole an me “fronf‘ oi th: pole. mm is. nhe pan or iha pole nennesi to she view. in) Deiesmine she maximum «ensue. compressive, and sheai messes n poim A. 3.541 Sign supponed hy . pole Pom: d I0 in. d, = x in. Wm unsung: p = 30 [W1 = 0108333 psi SIGN: weight of pole — 3800 ll) 6hX3fLut72in.><36in. P = horimmnl wind force on [he sign = pA = (0.208333 psi)(25921n.2) = 54011: A 8 iii a 259a in ’ mass mumms mu: nnsn. W weizmof sis : 4001b Axizl rome- N = w, + w2 420010 h r heighi from we base In the Cantu of (campmsiou) gmiiy ofme sign h=40fl—l.5fl=38i5fi=462in. b = horizonul dixunc: fiom the cent" of gravity ofme sign no me axis of on pole 1 l . b=E(5fl)+E(d¢)=4lm. Bending momani from wind pnssune: M 7 Ph = (540 Ib)(461 in.) 249.4801b-in. (This moment causes reunion ai poim A.) Bending moment from weigh! of sign: (This mamnt causes me sums ai pointA.) Torque riom wind pmssulc: r = Pb = (5401b)(41in.) 22 I40 “rim. Shear force fivm wind presme: (This force alum um slum mess ui pain! A.) ...
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