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Robert Woodward May 27, 2010 Summary for Critique essay Green Cars In the 2007 Magazine Article “Green Cars can Help…” Jim Motavelli argues that Green Cars can help the U.S. meet its Transportation Needs. Monavalli begins by informing us of the apparent interest of Americans and their hybrid cars. He explains some of their benefits. For example he states “(hybrid technology) is an appealing technology in terms of energy diversity for transportation”(p.2) In addition to typical hybrids, Motavelli mentions plug in hybrids, which are4 fundamentally similar to typical hybrids except for the fact that these vehicles run primarily on electricity, verses the typical hybrid which used both technologies in unison. These vehicles, namely the GM Volt and the Tesla Roadster, achieve far greater miles per gallon than typical hybrids.
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Unformatted text preview: The Telsa Roadster used 100% electricity, and is fully dependant on being recharged each night. The GM Volt has a small gas engine which recharges the electric batteries allowing up to 230 MPG. In addition to these technologies Motavelli mentions Diesel as another attractive option, which is popular more so in Europe, Biodiesel, which can allow a vehicle to run on 100% vegetable oil, and partial zero emission vehicles, which do not add additional gas mileage to vehicles, but do run cleaner, and are better for the environment than their normal counterparts, and fuel cells which do not burn anything, but simply convert hydrogen into electricity. All of these options, while being a bit futuristic, and require additional research and studies are ways to help us, the American consumers make the world a bit greener....
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