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225Fa04 quiz 3 key - CHEMISTRY 225 SECTION 001 QUIZ#3 NAME...

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Unformatted text preview: CHEMISTRY 225, SECTION 001 QUIZ #3 NAME m u} .x C: NOVEMBER 1,2004 1. (12 Points) a. (5) Write Fischer projections for the three stereoisomers of 2,3-dibromobutane. as 012 as 1). Select one of the stereoisomers you have drawn and - (4) Assign the absolute configurations to the two stereogenic carbons. (2 f2 3 5 ) o (3) Convert the structure to a wedge and dot representation in which the longest carbon chain is fully eclipsed. ' 2. (5 Points) Consider the structure of 3- _ methylcyclohexene (to the right). 6 C3) . . H a. (2) Detemline the absolute configuration of this F 9,43 molecule using the R, 3— system. 2 CD b. (3) Using any appropriate notation write a structure the enantiomer for the enantiomer. 3. (4 Points) Write structures for the two interconverting chair conformations of l-chloro-l— methylcyclohexane. 4. (4 Points) Below is a Fischer projection for the five—carbon sugar D-ribose. Write Fischer projections for the enantiomer and a diastereomer of D-ribose. CH20H 1. 01-1 the enantiomer a diasteneomer ...
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